Be the Reaction

Impactful images for emotional minds


Humans Point researches audiovisual languages since the year 2000 with an international team based in Rome, Madrid, Stockolm, Berlin, Sydney and New York. We have produced the first social movies.

In these 20 years we have learned to navigate contemporary uncertainty, pushing ourselves in the process to ever think without fixed reference points. 

Is within this chaos that we find the better suited elements to produce art, to communicate and to show forth the innovation and spirit of our clients.

We work with technology brands and art museums. The following are some of the clients that trust the solidity of our work:


We believe diversity to be the catalizer for social innovation and positive change.

That’s why we work together as an international team with a 360° gaze to see all that’s out there and catch up with the barely perceived: the impactful and original stories we feed our contents with.  

Our work methology breaks with steriotypes by letting go of equilibrium within uncertainty.

Reaction is a contemporary art and social project in a world of sophisticated images often isolated from the reality they want to communicate with.

Reaction is an open space that displays the gaze of the people, of those who actively participate in society.

Contemporary art piece and social analysis tool, Reaction is also an innovative way to communicate:

We build on the images taken by the end-user to produce the audiovisual product, original and constantly updated to adapt to the target.


We love to disagree: is from our different views that emerge the authentic stories we look for.

  • Pietro Jona

    Creative Director

    Film director and artist, Pietro Jona’s work brings forth an open minded and judgment-free gaze upon life experience’s immediacy. He has worked with all audiovisual formats and has since the year 2000 specialised in social movies. Pietro has collaborated with people throughout the world presenting their content into innovative audiovisual formats. His investigation goes on. He has worked in successful TV shows and he considers himself the creator of what is today known as social movie.

  • Alba Roberts

    Project Manager

    Works as a public relations financing cultural projects. She studied International Baccalaureate in India, a BA in Classical Philology in Italy and a Master in Religions in London. She has worked in Spain, England and France for public institutions, the private sector, NGO'S and international artists. Her client’s projects have ranged from luxury craftsmanship to innovative technology.

  • JuanmaGonzalez

    Web Master

    Resides in Stockholm where he develops artistic projects. Graduated in Kungl. Konsthögskolan (Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm) in 2016 he studied Fine Arts in Complutense University (Madrid) in 2013 and Graduated in Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Europea (Madrid) in 1999.

  • Francesca Mor

    Film Editor

    Bi-lingual film editor (Italian/ English) with over 15 years experience in the industry. Her work spans award winning Documentary Film, Documentary & Dramatic Shorts, Music Videos, Commercials and Trailers. Born in Brescia, Italy, Francesca has been living and working in NYC since 2010.

  • Alice Zazzetta

    Video editor

    Freelancer, Alice works from 2009 with authors, film directors, NGO’s, fundations, projects and dreams for the creation of documentaries, video clips, video art, industrial videos etc. She reduces complexity into reality tales.

  • Andrea Camilletti

    Music Producer

    Andrea works as a professional pianist and composer. Eclectic and versatile, he has produced original scores, arrangements and productions for artists, jingles and theater music among others. In 2015 his unique style was awarded by Ian Anderson with the first prize for best Italian Soundtrack of the 48Hour FilmFest.


Our offices are in
Rome (Humans Artis) and Madrid.

To contact us: